6 Free Career Podcasts to Listen to During Your Commute

Many of us young professionals have long commutes. Whether it be an hour-drive in the car, a 45-minute train ride to the city or even a 20-block walk from your apartment – we have some free listening time on our way to and from the office. Let’s utilize that time to gain knowledge and strengthen our skills so that we can be more productive and smarter at work. Here are six podcasts that you can listen to – for free! – that will help you become more successful in your career.

The Savvy Young Professional

TheSavvyYP-GraphicTanida Mullen had been listening to young professionals talk about issues in the work place for a long time before starting this podcast. “Everything from working with bad management to not knowing how to get a promotion,” said Mullen in an e-mail. So, she started The Savvy Young Professional podcast. “It’s a hub for all things career, leadership and life. I want young professionals to listen to the podcast and take something away that will lead them to the next step in their career!”

Through interviews with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, career coaches and other inspiring people, Mullen’s podcast is an easy way to get motivated in your career and life. It is available on iTunes for free.

Fearless Careers

FearlessCareers-GraphicCreated and produced by SkilledUp.com, an online education company that offers courses for professionals who want to gain more skills that relate to their careers, Fearless Careers is the free podcast that furthers this education. Five days a week, the podcast features interviews with top industry leaders and professionals, as well as entry-level employees at awesome companies. The podcast, hosted by Ander Frischer, offers advice for people in all stages of careers. And as the iTunes description states, the Fearless Careers podcast wants listeners to “learn new skills, gain confidence and kick-start their own fearless careers.”

Fearless Careers is available on iTunes for free.

Entrepreneurs and Coffee

EntrepreneursAndCoffee-GraphicBrendon Hufford, host of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee podcast, is an assistant principal. Listeners, like myself, may at first be surprised to hear that his day job is something so steady, reliable and honorable. But after listening to his podcast, they’ll learn, like I did, that Hufford has a fire inside for success and entrepreneurship. Throughout the various episodes of the podcast, Hufford interviews successful and inspiring entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to start a business or a career from scratch. All in all, the Entrepreneurs and Coffee podcast is for those who “desire to create radical change” in their lives and businesses, and it works to spark “purposeful and deliberate action” in listeners who also have a fire inside.

Entrepreneurs and Coffee is available on iTunes for free.

The Competitive Edge

TheCompetitiveEdge-GraphicInternet entrepreneur, author and business strategist. That’s how The Competitive Edge’s host and producer Scott Britton describes himself. And, as his podcast implies, it offers advice on how the most successful people get the competitive edge in business and life. Through interviews with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, career coaches and other successful professionals, listeners can get the motivation they need to get competitive in their careers. Topics range from marketing, sales and personal productivity to health, wellness and mindsets.

The Competitive Edge is available for free on iTunes.

The Productivityist Podcast

TheProductivityistPodcast-GraphicLooking for ways to be more productive in your career? Then The Productivityist Podcast is for you. Host Mike Vardy offers weekly tips, tricks and tactics for time management, goals, habits and work ethics, to help listeners take their careers to the next level. Each week Vardy brings in a professional to discuss all of these ideas and more, such as managing time demands, the best calendar apps and how to have intentional discussions with coworkers and bosses. Vardy wants listeners to learn how to get “the right things done” so they can “start living the good life.”

The Productivityist Podcast is available on iTunes for free.

Career Revolution

CareerRevolution-GraphicAfter more than 15 years of experience in corporate America, Dr. CK Bray needed to switch gears – he needed a Career Revolution. Now, his podcast focuses to do the same for his listeners. Do you want a job that has meaning and offers you a feeling of fulfillment? Do you want to look forward to going to work each day? Are you looking to be promoted, but aren’t sure how? Do you just need a change to the daily routine of your career? Then the Career Revolution podcast is for you.

The Career Revolution is available for free on iTunes.

For more career podcasts, visit the Business Careers Podcasts page on iTunes.